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Case Study: Promoting Employee Well-being through Art Sessions at Ola

Ola, a leading mobility and transportation company, recognized the importance of employee well-being and sought to enhance it through creative and engaging activities.

Case Study: Promoting Employee Well-being through Art Sessions at Ola

Client: Ola

Project by: CoMo® Workshops

Problem Statement: Ola, a leading mobility and transportation company, recognized the importance of employee well-being and sought to enhance it through creative and engaging activities. The company aimed to create a Well-being program that would foster a sense of community, relaxation, and personal growth among its employees. Specifically, Ola wanted to spearhead Art sessions, encouraging employees to practice art and craft as an activity on a weekly basis. Additionally, Ola sought to form an Art group comprising employees who expressed interest in participating in this program. Furthermore, the company desired to elect a mentor among the employees who would eventually lead and organize the Art group's weekly meetings.


  1. Create an engaging Well-being program to enhance employee satisfaction and overall well-being.

  2. Encourage employees to explore their creative sides through regular art and craft activities.

  3. Foster a sense of community and camaraderie among employees by forming an Art group.

  4. Appoint a mentor from the employee pool to lead and coordinate the Art group's activities.

  5. Ensure that the Art sessions contribute positively to employee morale, stress reduction, and creativity.


1. Well-being Program Design:

  • CoMo® Workshops collaborated with Ola to design a comprehensive Well-being program aimed at enhancing employee satisfaction and engagement.

  • The program included a variety of activities, with a primary focus on art and craft sessions to cater to different interests and skill levels.

2. Employee Engagement:

  • CoMo® Workshops conducted surveys and interviews to gauge employee interest in art and craft activities.

  • Employees who expressed interest were invited to join the newly formed Art group.

3. Art Group Formation:

  • A dedicated Art group was created with interested employees who had varying levels of experience in art and craft.

  • The group consisted of employees from different departments and roles to promote cross-functional collaboration.

4. Mentor Selection:

  • CoMo® Workshops facilitated a mentor selection process, where interested employees were encouraged to nominate themselves or their colleagues for the role of mentor.

  • The mentor was chosen through a fair and transparent voting system.

5. Art Sessions:

  • Weekly art and craft sessions were organized, led by the selected mentor.

  • The sessions were carefully curated to accommodate beginners and experienced artists alike, ensuring inclusivity and a sense of achievement for all participants.


1. Enhanced Employee Well-being:

  • The Well-being program, with a focus on art and craft activities, significantly contributed to improving employee well-being and job satisfaction.

  • Employees reported feeling more relaxed, creatively engaged, and connected with their colleagues.

2. Increased Employee Engagement:

  • The formation of the Art group fostered a sense of belonging and camaraderie among employees.

  • Employees eagerly looked forward to the weekly art sessions, strengthening their engagement with the company.

3. Mentorship Success:

  • The elected mentor successfully led the Art group, providing guidance and inspiration to participants.

  • The mentorship role enhanced the leadership skills and job satisfaction of the selected employee.

4. Positive Impact on Creativity:

  • The regular practice of art and craft had a tangible impact on employees' creativity, which transcended into their work, resulting in innovative solutions and ideas within the company.


Ola's initiative to spearhead art sessions as a part of its Well-being program, in collaboration with CoMo® Workshops, has been a resounding success. By nurturing creativity, forming a closely-knit Art group, and electing a mentor, Ola has not only enhanced employee well-being but also fostered a culture of innovation and collaboration within the organization. The program's positive impact is evident in improved job satisfaction, increased engagement, and a more creative workforce, all of which contribute to Ola's continued success and growth.


To sustain and further improve the well-being program:

  1. Continue offering diverse art and craft sessions to cater to various interests.

  2. Promote employee participation in the Art group and mentorship roles.

  3. Collect ongoing feedback from employees to make necessary adjustments and enhancements.

CoMo® Workshops remains committed to supporting Ola in its journey to create a thriving and well-balanced workforce.

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