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What is meditation in fitness?

Meditation is a word that people use quite loosely. It is a word that when discussed upon, brings a state of knowledge to the subject.

It is a word that is not understood well in this rather fast paced commercial world and yet, it is a word that is the root of all fitness - less understood of course.

Let us delve deep and understand what this word actually means. There are two kinds of meditation techniques.

  1. No mind

  2. Being still

The no mind meditation is something we will not discuss as it is deep and it really doesn't care about the body at all since it is spiritual.

Coming to being still, or the meditative state of being still, we find that most of us need to understand what being still actually means in the world of fitness.

The word still doesn't mean motionless. Yes, surprisingly true isn't it, threw me off too.

It actually means to be in a meditative state while in motion. Being still in motion.

The mind is locked on one thought and one thought alone. When distracted you grab all awareness and swing back to once again lock onto that one thought.

The method of gaining awareness and locking back onto the one thought when distracted, is called being still or simply meditation.

Steady breathing helps in locking on.

Practice this and things will start to change in you for the better.

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