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Express Yourself!

Home Workouts got an all-new look since March 2020. Fit and Healthy lifestyles became the need of the hour.

With it came along Work from Home which seemed to be a glorious respite from time spent on travel.

Promises were made to focus on personal Health and Awareness, to workout more and to eat right. Easier said than done, we began to realise that time saved on travel was more time spent working and meeting deadlines. Where we managed to multitask pre-pandemic, now we could barely manage to complete both home and work tasks.

Enter Express Workouts!!! Within a stipulated time frame, some of these have gained huge popularity like HIIT and Tabata. From the half hour Express Workouts, the Exercise Snacking has made its way into the average fitness lovers' homes.

Called Snackcersize or Snackcercise, (and no, we are not talking about the Snackcercise video by the Muppets' Ms. Piggy and has little to do with Food).

Exercise Snacking actually means "Bite- Size" workouts done 2 to 3 times a day.

This improves and boosts metabolism improving cardio metabolic health, helps in reducing blood pressure and strengthens the Cardiovascular system.

Based on the theory that each time the muscle contracts, glucose is pushed from the blood into the muscle thereby reducing blood sugars. With exercise done at periodic intervals, metabolism stays active through the day which in turn causes weight loss and Fat burn.

Integrating exercise into your day rather than structuring your day around your exercise allows for more consistency, perseverance and in turn, more effective results.

These short bursts of Workout must be of medium Intensity.

3 or 5 snacks of exercise a day each lasting 5 to 10 minutes is recommended.

Get going with filled water bottles to make up for hand held weights,

Substitute long scarves or 'dupattas' for Yoga belts while doing balance Core work,

Walking up and down stairs three to four times a day,

Variations of exercises that can be done using the Desk and Chair,

....and more are some interesting ways to kick start Snackcersize routines.

Not heading to the gym can actually be a blessing in these times!

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