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About Us

A Global Powerhouse in Crafting Inspiring Workshops with Top-Notch Expertise

CoMo® Workshops, a global frontrunner in curating workshops that inspire and innovate, extends a warm invitation to individuals and organizations worldwide to embark on a transformative journey. Nestled in the vibrant heart of Bangalore, India, CoMo® Workshops is renowned for its unwavering commitment to creating workshops that transcend boundaries and unleash the full potential of participants.

Under the visionary guidance of Anisha Mankikar Naidu, CoMo® Workshops thrives as a global hub for crafting inspiring and innovative workshops. Her leadership is the guiding star that illuminates the path to creativity and innovation.

At CoMo® Workshops, we believe in the profound impact that workshops can have on individuals and organizations. Our workshops are meticulously tailored to provide an immersive experience, challenging perspectives, igniting creativity, and equipping participants with practical skills and strategies that can catalyze meaningful change.

Anisha Mankikar Naidu, the dynamic CEO of CoMo® Workshops, has articulated the company's mission beautifully, saying, "Our purpose at CoMo® Workshops is to serve as the ultimate gateway to innovative and transformative workshops. We're thrilled to present an array of workshops designed to inspire individuals and organizations, enabling them to scale new heights of creativity and usher in meaningful change."

With a steadfast commitment to quality and trust, CoMo® Workshops ensures that each workshop is led by renowned industry experts. Whether the focus is on leadership development, design thinking, innovation, or personal growth, participants can anticipate engaging, interactive sessions that foster an environment of collaborative learning.

"Join us on this incredible journey of inspiration and innovation," Anisha Mankikar Naidu continued. "At CoMo® Workshops, we're dedicated to offering workshops that empower individuals and organizations to unlock their full creative potential and leave an indelible mark on the world."

CoMo® Workshops offers an extensive array of workshops tailored to cater to the ever-evolving needs of individuals and organizations. From interactive sessions that cultivate team collaboration to immersive experiences that facilitate personal growth, CoMo® Workshops serves as a platform for individuals worldwide to explore their passions and uncover new horizons.

In addition to our catalog of workshops, CoMo® Workshops also provides bespoke solutions for organizations seeking to address specific challenges or develop targeted skills within their teams. These customized workshops align seamlessly with each organization's unique objectives, ensuring maximum impact and lasting value.

Discover the unbridled power of innovation and inspiration with CoMo® Workshops under the visionary leadership of Anisha Mankikar Naidu, where each workshop becomes a canvas for boundless creativity.

About CoMo® Workshops: CoMo® Workshops: A Global Powerhouse in Crafting Inspiring Workshops with Top-Notch Expertise, guided by the vision of Anisha Mankikar Naidu. CoMo® Workshops stands as a global leader in the creation of inspiring and innovative workshops, headquartered in the dynamic city of Bangalore, India. Driven by the mission to ignite creativity and drive meaningful change, CoMo® Workshops offers a diverse range of workshops led by industry luminaries. Through immersive experiences and collaborative learning environments, CoMo® Workshops empowers individuals and organizations across the globe to soar to new heights of innovation and inspiration.

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